Morglbl - The Story Of Scotti Rötti

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Christophe Godin – guitar
Ivan Rougny – bass
Aurelien Ouzoulias – drums

Great to see this uniquely humorous AND musically dexterious jazz/fusion/metal power trio back with a new one in celebration of 20 years of music making! All their albums are great and great fun, and this is no exception!

“MÖRGLBL's output veers toward the crazy, mixing substantial metal riffs with subtle jazz harmonies, deep pocket grooves, and their trademark goofball humor. Through two decades of performing and touring internationally and reaping well-earned critical acclaim from journalists around the globe on their six full-length albums, MÖRGLBL is an incredibly unique and creative musical force which transcends genre barriers and commands the attention of anybody into forward-thinking music with a lighthearted appeal.”

"Prog and jazz-inclined metalheads oughtta get a ton of enjoyment from this record: fans of Cynic, Scale the Summit, Trioscapes, and T.R.A.M., we're looking at you. It needn't stop there, though; anyone who has any kind of appreciation for musicianship should dig the crap of these guys, and what's most impressive of all is that their songs are memorable and approachable even for those who simply want to bop their head to the beat. MÖRGLBL possess the full package, a trait that's growing ever more rare in a musical landscape divided between technicality on one end of the spectrum and pop songwriting on the other."-MetalSucks
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Great CD-This guys are up to their usual high standard!
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