Mori, Ikue / Brian Marsella / Sae Hashimoto - Archipelago X CD

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“Laptop wizard Ikue Mori, master keyboardist Brian Marsella and classical percussion virtuoso Sae Hashimoto are Archipelago X, a dynamic new trio born during the 2020 pandemic. Recording at their home studios and exchanging tracks back and forth for months, the music is detailed, evocative and dramatically mysterious, blending electronica, classical, ambient, film soundtrack, pop and jazz into a remarkably original aggregate. Inspiring and engaging music by this fabulous trio of Downtown musical masters spanning three generations!”

Brian Marsella: Steinway B Piano, Fender Rhodes, Mellotron M4000d, Sequential Circuits Ob-6, Korg Bx-3, Zither, Hohner E7 Clavinet, Hohner String Ensemble, Arturia Analog Lab
Ikue Mori: Laptop Electronics
Sae Hashimoto: Vibraphone, Marimba, Ratchet, Udu, Cajon, Cymbals, Waterphone, Snare Drum, Finger Cymbals, Gongs, Straw Brush, Crotales, Bass Drum, Frame Drum, Opera Gongs, Caxixi, Pod Shaker, Pitched Gongs, Wind Gong, Balafon, Ankle Bells, Woodblock, Maracas, Concert Toms, Bamboo Chimes, Bongos, Bells, Bullet Chimes, Sleigh Bells, Glass Chimes, Tambourine, Zither, Bottle Cap Shaker
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