Moriyama, Takeo - East Plants

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Plain and simple, Takeo Moriyama is one bad ass mofo of a drummer. A staple of the Japanese "J-Jazz" scene, he's released many killer albums over the years. BBE has reissued his rarest album East Plants in cooperation with Moriyama and the original label VAP.
The music is a mix of modal and post-bop jazz. Moriyama hits the skins so hard you would think his kit will explode. He's like Japan's answer to Elvin Jones. If you have any interest in modal jazz or overlooked Japanese jazz musicians this is your ticket. Highly recommended.”-Ken ‘Japanese Jazz Knowledge Database’ Golden

"BBE Music is proud to present the next instalment in the J Jazz Masterclass Series: ‘East Plants’ by Takeo Moriyama, one of Japan’s finest jazz drummers. A genuine ‘under the radar’ album known only to a handful of Japanese jazz collectors, ‘East Plants’ is now available once more.
Originally released in 1983 on the Japanese VAP label, ‘East Plants’ is an essential album in the J Jazz canon. It’s an album that distils several key characteristics of Moriyama’s music: clearly articulated and inventive rhythms, open yet orderly arrangements, and an accessible groove balanced with a graceful control.
‘East Plants’ features no piano, just percussion, bass and reeds. From the luxurious raga-like build of the album’s hypnotic title track and the fierce post-bop workout of ‘Fields’, to the stately modal track ‘Kaze’ ( as featured on the sell-out BBE compilation, ‘J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1968-1984’), the album was, until now, a rarely acknowledged masterpiece. ‘East Plants’ shows Moriyama’s quintet at their most transcendent: delicate layers of percussion by Yoji Sadanari, a warm and pliant bass from Hideki Mochizuki, with colour and texture provided by the eloquent reed work of Shuichi Enomoto and Toshiko Inoue. And, overseeing it all, Moriyama’s discreet yet commanding drumming.”
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