Morse, Steve - Southern Steel

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Amazing that the offical hype for this can't seem to mention his fantastic and much loved work with the Dregs/Dixie Dregs. But so it goes!

"Steve Morse is best known for being the current guitarist of Deep Purple. But his passion for rock started long before joining the legendary British group. Out of all the musical endeavors he participated in, the Steve Morse Band is perhaps the most significant and personal one. This instrumental trio is well known for re-inventing rock in all possible ways, mixing it with jazz, country, funk and even bluegrass. "Southern Steel" from 1991 is to this day considered one of the finest albums the band has ever released. This exclusive reissue bring back true classic of one of the world's most talented rock guitarists... Features a guest performance by guitarist Jeff Watson (ex-Night Ranger). New digipak edition is limited to numbered 2000 copies. Re-released on a golden disc."
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