Mostly Autumn - White Rainbow

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Olivia Sparnenn / vocals
Bryan Josh / guitars, vocals
Chris Johnson / guitars
Iain Jennings / keyboards
Angela Gordon / flute, keyboards
Andy Smith / bass guitar
Alex Cromarty / drums

“Mostly Autumn has set the bar very high this year for the contenders for the title of best prog album of the year! This album flows from track to track like an endless river, without dead time, without excuse, without fault. Bryan Josh and Olivia Sparnenn deliver unforgettable voices to melodies that twist in the brain. Angela Gordon's flute in "Gone" comes from another world.
Overall, the album tends less towards folk and more towards progressive rock. Or more precisely, the folk accents are integrated even more intimately than in the previous syntheses of Mostly Autumn. Even then the long title track is barely folky at all. Most of the tracks end with these Guilmouresque guitar accents that you never get tired of. Great work there!"-progarchives
  • LabelMostly Autumn
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