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My favorite revolutionary sweethearts have either gone all soft or they are even more insidious than I thought, as this, their latest album, is a note for note re-creation of Kind Of Blue, the biggest selling jazz album of all time.

"Mostly Other People Do the Killing‘s new album Blue is a note-for-note re-creation of Miles Davis’ classic 1959 recording, Kind of Blue. The audacious project, first conceived by Moppa Elliott and Peter Evans in 2002, intends to challenge the way people listen to jazz. By transcribing and recording what is arguably the greatest jazz album of all time, Mostly Other People Do the Killing affirms the greatness of the original while questioning the direction of jazz in the 21st century. The thought-experiment-cum-album forces to listener to examine what makes jazz actually jazz and brings the non-notatable elements music to the foreground: timbre, articulation and the ineffable nature of tone and feel.

Standing in for Davis’ classic band are Peter Evans on trumpet, Jon Irabagon on alto and tenor saxophone, Ron Stabinsky on piano, Moppa Elliott on bass and Kevin Shea on drums."

There's a great interview about it but my favorite bit from the interview is this, which is 100% true (meaning that I guess they really are revolutionaries after all!)

"M: Another little addendum to that is that you don’t know how many times I’d be playing standards gigs in Cleveland, and some like douchey, bourgeoise businessman, always the same kind of guy, would always say, “hey, can you guys play Kind of Blue?” What he really means is, “Can you play “All Blues?” But even though this guy is trying to demonstrate his jazz knowledge, in the process he (A) fails and (B) references this formerly revolutionary piece of art that is now kind of the same thing that’s happened to the piano. It’s become this bourgeois, misunderstood status symbol… a hunk of furniture.

If you’re a successful at all, educated white businessman, you own a copy of Kind of Blue, because that’s what you’re supposed to do. You know, and it’s just like [laughs], no I don’t know that one. Or fine, we’ll play “All Blues” which is what you meant to say [laughs].

G: I know one of the things you’ve talked about at least with me is Kind of Blue being on in a Starbucks…

M: Yup. Well it’s like the Rite of Spring being in a Disney cartoon. Where formerly it started a riot, now it’s kid’s music in a cartoon. Kind of Blue is this totally revolutionary moment in African American culture, and now it’s in commercials.

G: Right. Now it sells cars.

M: Totally taken for granted. In a certain way, re-embodying it is a way of digging stuff up. Kind of Blue is the number one selling jazz album of all time, more listened to than anything else; yet, hopefully, we can dig stuff out of there that still hasn’t been digested. There’s still so much material in that art object; there’s a reason why it’s that awesome, and it’s because of all these little nuances."
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