Mostly Other People do the Killing - Mostly Other People do the Killing

This 2004 release is the debut by this very young and fairly extraordinary group. The group consists of Peter Evans-trumpet, John Irabagon-saxes, Moppa Elliot-bass and Kevin Shea-drums. All the players are pretty great - the rhythm section is responsive and smart, John's sax playing reminds me a bit of many aspects of the greatness of Ornette without actually sounding like Ornette and Peter's trumpeting is really strong and reminds me a bit of Lester Bowie. They blend jazz tradition with jazz future and a good sense of irreverence and wit; they pay hommage to the great tradition but aren't afraid to make fun of it either, which makes me like them all the more. As they say on their myspace page: 100 Years of Jazz History in Every Byte!!!

You can hear their music here

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