Mothers Of Invention / Frank Zappa - Bacon Fat

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This unauthorized release, recorded February 23, 1969 (Early Show) at the Rockpile, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and broadcast, is one of the great, unreleased, high quality shows by the original MOI.
It presents the band towards the end of their life and there are a lot of really great r'n'b numbers as obvious crowd pleasers (some of which are only available here) and then 35' of 'difficult' music. Hugely recommended to any fan of the Mothers.
01. Introduction & Tune Up
02. Bacon Fat
03. Lonely Lonely Nights
04. Zappa Talks To The Audience
05. Corrido Rock
06. Pachuko Hop
07. Behind The Sun
08. The String Quartet / Charles Ives
09. WPLJ
10. Doo Wop Shop
11. All Night Long
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