Motian, Paul - Time and Time Again

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"Paul Motian's trio with Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano received ecstatic reviews for "I Have The Room Above Her", Motian's ECM 'comeback' album of 2005, and the recording was a "critic’s choice" all around the world. Appropriately so: the trio was formed at ECM, way back in 1984, and its sound concept is a most apt match for the label's production values. Luxuriating in the sensuality of sound while also keenly attuned to each other in the improvisations, Motian, Frisell, and Lovano play a gravity-defying, floating music that is at all moments free and intensely melodic. Album features original compositions by Motian, plus Thelonious Monk's "Light Blue" and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s "This Nearly Was Mine"."

"Veteran drummer Paul Motian, cross-genre guitar original Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano, the walking sax-history encyclopaedia, last collaborated on the 2004 album I Have the Room Above Her. … This is right in the same pocket, with all the compositions being Motian’s except for Monk’s Light Blue, the standard This Nearly Was Mine, and Lovano’s drifting Party Line. Motian’s melodies often proceed in nudges and short-phrase calls and responses, Frisell’s and then Lovano’s tentative unfolding of This Nearly Was Mine makes you lean to catch the implications, and Monk’s Light Blue lurches elegantly along on Lovano’s quivering tenor tone and Motian’s assymetrical, but irresistibly propulsive drumming."-John Fordham, The Guardian
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