Motor Totemist Guild - City of Mirrors

This title has been out of print for ages but while dealing with the collapse of our former pressing plant, we found a number of these that they didn't tell us that they had. It's available while this supply lasts at regular prices.

Brilliant composer James Grigsby has revived his MTG group as a 14 piece "little big band", including Emily Hay-flute & vocals, Eric Johnson-bassoon, Vinny Golia & Lynn Johnston-saxes & clarinets, Joseph Berardi-drums, Dave Kerman-percussion &, others, on, trumpet, trombones, piano/synths, guitar, mallet percussion & contrabass! The compositions the band perform range from a short, almost pop (although HEAVILY contrapuntal) ditty to longer works which stylistically mix classical elements with jazz solos & stylings to a massive work that features a graphic score, improvisation, as well as after the fact studio manipulations.

"The music is completely undefinable, majestic, complex, emotional & experimental at the same time...a challenging album that expands the boundaries of contemporary music & avant garde, & still remains a real feast to enjoy in all its twists & turns."-Crohinga Well.

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  • LabelCuneiform
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