Movements - For Sardines Space is no Problem

This album by this Swedish band from Göteborg is dedicated to the first Swedish man ever in Space (Christer Fuglesang). The CD features 12 musicians from several local bands contributing. You can still hear some a lot of the bands garage rock influence in this special space rock record that the band has put out but this is really something different for them but also amazing stuff. The CD starts with a short intro piece with some cool organ. This opens up into the track, "Mother someday I’m going to be an Astronaut". This is a high energy almost punky space rock freakout track with cool spacey wah wah guitar, loads of spaced out synth sounds and effects for the first 5 minutes before the vocal kick in towards the end and the track becomes more organ driven. Great track. "In the Footsteps of Gagarin" is very organ driven but has a melodic spacey slowly building track with amazing keyboards before the guitar solo kicks in and they rock out. "Trapped on Earth" starts with some acoustic guitar, and is a nice change of pace and a great number, which really takes off. It is great combination this 60’s farfisa organ and all the spacey stuff. "Go now my friend (Out into Space)" again starts off slowly with lots of spacey stuff slowly being added to the slowly evolving track with a simple repeated vocal line. The next track with the funny title, "That is the wrong bolt, Christer, Standby", is a short track with some actual samples from NASA, maybe?? "Ministers of Space" is a 9 minute track and is very hypnotic at times. This really reminds me of Circle. The CD ends with "The Grasp of the King’s hand is not Enough" and this has a bit of Swedish folky feel to it and a very nice beautiful and melodic track. Pretty cool CD."

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  • LabelSulatron
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