Mr. Albert Show - Mr. Albert Show

First ever reissue of this very obscure Dutch band's first album from 1970. I certainly never heard of them before, and considering how well done this is for so early, I am rather surprised it is this obscure. After this band fell apart, their leader joined up with Robert Jan Stips of Supersister to co-lead Sweet D'Buster in the mid/late 1970's. Reissued from the master tapes, with new notes by Bertus Borgers.

"This large bunch with Bertus Borgers (vocals, sax) in charge made some very underrated albums. (This album is) a powerful collection of freaky, powerful jazz-rock tracks with psychedelic leanings. Their style was quite original, sometimes resembling a cross between early Colosseum and Xhol, with frenetic sax and fuzz guitar riffing (also good use of organ, harmonica and electric piano). The male & female vocals are tough & full of dexterity. This is so well done that this music should've been heard by a much wider audience. Their first album (this) is the greatest, although a high standard is maintained on consequent albums."-Scented Gardens Of The Mind. [Long Hair]
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