Muñoz, Tisziji / John Medeski - Beauty As Beauty (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Tisziji Muñoz is known both as a guitarist given to lyrical bursts of free improvisation, and an advanced spiritual practitioner whose yogic philosophy has generated unqualified praise from artists along the lines of Pharoah Sanders, Rashied Ali, Marilyn Crispell, Henry Kaiser, and Bob Rakalam Moses. The guitar technique that characterizes Muñoz at his most inspired suggests elements in common with Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, and Sonny Sharrock."-AllMusicGuide

"Beauty As Beauty is a duet between jazz guitarist Tisziji Munoz and Medeski Martin & Wood's keyboard wizard, John Medeski. The album is inspired by that which Munoz calls 'the Spirit of the Heart-Fire Sound.' This philosophy and musical approach is steeped in Eastern spiritualism. The music is simple and beautiful. John 'Lam-Sobo' Medeski plays the piano while Munoz plays the electric guitar. The compositions are light and loose. The minimalist songs are relaxing and peaceful. Despite such descriptors, the music never crosses the line into sounding new agey. The music maintains integrity by combining real jazz aesthetics with some other, intangible element. It is likely that John Coltrane would have approved of "Beauty As Beauty" as a musical meditation. There are times when Tisziji Munoz's playing is similar to Jerry Garcia's handiwork on "Blue Incantation," a like-minded project by guitarist Sanjay Mishra. If "Beauty As Beauty" qualifies as background music, it is elegant and sonically satisfying music for those quieter moments. This is planned to be the first in a trilogy that seeks to express what Munoz calls 'the three dimensions of expression.' Technically, this is a collaborative project but the contributions of the other musicians are barely noticeable. It's for the best as much of the album's power is derived from voluntary simplicity. In the end, "Beauty As Beauty" proves that there can be truth in advertising."
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