Muffin Men - Muffinz Moovies Volume One DVD (special)

The true story of a rock band playing Frank Zappa music around Europe. Life on the road for a no-budget band playing for the love of the music. Told by the band themselves through interviews and live footage featuring special guest performances by Jimmy Carl Black, Don Preston, Bunk Gardner and Ike Willis. Total running time 3 hours 45minutes.

Chapter 1: "Early daze" (1990-1992)
Chapter 2: "It's not exactly Beethoven is it? (1993)
Chapter 3: "Taking the skin off the custard" (Spring 1994)
Chapter 4: "Not good for international relations" (July-December 1994)
Chapter 5: "Don't not go now (1995)
Chapter 6 "Further food feeling fiascos" (1996-1997)

Extras: Black Horse (1990) . Ndr (1991) . It Can't Happen Here (1991) . Live Cheese (1993) . Uncle Bunkle In The Land of Dunkle (1993) . Willie (1993) . The Milk Brigade (1994) . Sausages (1994) . Admiral (1995) .

"A band of unruly scousers who have spent the last ten years playing every rock dive in europe"-ben watson

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