Muffinmen - Live @ the Cavern (special)

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"The first sparks of the Liverpool (UK) based band "The Muffin Men" was kindled with Roddie Gilliard. After listening to one of Zappa's albums in the late 60's' he was impelled to pick up his instrument. Ten year later he found himself studying at music school, where his eccentric music taste had evolved, upsetting almost everyone by performing Stravinsky's Petruska & the Rite of Spring with a rock band. Officially the group was formed in 1990 for a concert honoring Zappa's 50th Birthday...Over 16 years of operation they have no less than six guest acts from original Zappa band members. The most direct of these being, Jimmy Carl Black, who was a founding member of "The Soul Giants". "The Soul Giants" guitarist was drafted into the army and no less than Frank Zappa was hired to play guitar. Later he was to take over a leader of the band, and they became "The Mothers of Invention". Jimmy appears regularly both live and in the studio, feature in no less than 7 albums. The list of famous musicians they have worked with just goes on, from Don Preston to Ike Wiliis to Mike Keneally. The band is not directly a cover band in the respect of playing note for note. They use Zappa's compositions more a guide lines by which they craft the own styles of music giving the songs a refreshing outlook. Still producing Zappa induced music after 16 years "The Muffin Men" is a must for all the Zappa fans out there."

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