Muffins - Manna/Mirage

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The Muffins were a D.C. area band from 1974-81. This was their 1st & best known lp. A SUPERB & sublime instrumental mix of Canterbury progressive, fusion, improvisation elements, & more.

"...America's most impressive & innovative Cow/Hatfield style group...The Muffins are the quintessential example of a group whose excellence, clear musical intelligence, light touch & broad range marked them out clearly for success and a place in the history of 'progressive rock'....The Muffins deserve their place in the pantheon of 70's progressive GREATS."-Chris Cutler.
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The US answer to Picchio Dal Pozzo or Wyatt's 'Rock Bottom'. This is the most 'Canterbury' an American band ever got to be. But as the philosophy behind Canterbury Music is to experimentation, The Muffins manage to come up with something quite their own and ultimately quite original. Recommended if Wyatt, Picchio, Henry Cow, Soft Machine, early Mothers and the likes is your thing.
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