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Since their demise in 1981, The Muffins have been generally acknowledged as one of the finest (and one of the most unsung) U.S. proponents of progressive/new music. Along with Grits, The Muffins were *the* formative band in my personal musical development and interests; I saw them live at least 50 times, and also saw countless rehearsals. During their lifetime, The Muffins were never less than amazing, and with the reissues on CD of their back catalog, their reputation only grew. In a very happy occurance, all four members of the band reformed in 1998 and began developing a new repertoire and performing concerts. In a world glutted with half-baked reformations by bands looking to cash in on past glories, Bandwidth is the genuine article; a reformation of all the original members who who have gotten together not for money, but because they miss what they had done together in the past and who feel that they still have something to say. Bandwidth is very recognizably the work of The Muffins; you can hear elements of both Manna/Mirage and <185> here, as well as lots of new elements. As we all know, there are very few second chances in life; as the saying goes, "you can't go home again." But we and The Muffins have all been handed another chance with Bandwidth.
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