Muffins - Mother Tongue CD

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Hey, I don't know about you, but a new album by The Muffins is always a great thing as far as I am concerned. They band has obviously had a distinctive sound since the mid/late 70s and that sound is still here, but they've also always been highly adaptable in that sound, especially since their reformation in 1998 and there are some nice surprises here. Having said that, as always, their core melodic sense is completely intact, even if it expresses itself in its usual unique fashion.

This album is over-all a little bit looser than, say, the very highly arranged and produced Double Negative, but it also has a bit more of a 'live feel', even though it isn't a live in the studio recording by any means. I'd say it fits somewhere between Bandwidth and Double Negative stylistically. Highly recommended.
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