Muffins - Secret Signals 2

Limited edition of 300 copies and then, that's it! Some great stuff here, especially the Music Carry-Out improvs, which I am happy to have witnessed at the time and which probably help explain the downward trajectory of my career....

"A big portion of our Muffin sets would always include an improvisation or two. We always felt that it was an important part of the Muffin "identity" along with our highly structured and arranged other music. We related to the American free jazz sound (many of us were die-hard fans of Sun Ra, Anthony Braxton, and The Art Ensemble of Chicago as well as the European free improvisation that bands like Henry Cow exemplified), but I also think the improvisations served as a release from that structure giving us the freedom to stretch out and have fun.
Mike Bass is the sole drummer on this album - Mike seemed best wired for this improvisational side of The Muffins. Most of this album is a collection of those improvisations, many of them 44 years old. Our apologies up front for the occasional drop out or distortion; many of these recordings were done on the run using the best equipment we had available at the time, which was not always ideal.
This the the second album in the Secret Signals series (one more to go). As stated before, all of these were first produced in the late 80s / early 90s as "Hand Systems" cassettes and sold via Steve Feigenbaum's Wayside Music catalog (thank you, Steve).
Many thanks to Joe Paradiso for cleaning these cassettes up and transferring them over to a digital format, and to Mike Potter at Orion Studios in Baltimore, Maryland for squeezing the best sound and volume out of these age-old recordings." -Dave Newhouse
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