Muffins - Secret Signals 3 CD

Limited edition of 300 copies and then, that's it! This is the last 20 copies in existence!
Some great stuff here, including some ‘towards the end’ improvisations with other people as the band expanded outwards to include new folks as they tried to figure out where the future lay….

“This is the 3rd and last release from The Muffins’ Secret Signals archival cassette tape series from the 80s / 90s. Live and studio recordings from 1978 to 1981 featuring the “classic quartet” of Billy Swann, Dave Newhouse, Paul Sears, and Tom Scott.
An hour’s worth of music here, digitally cleaned and restored by Joe Paradiso and re-mastered at Orion by Mike Potter. One full piece, “World Maps”, was a regular fixture in their live shows but was never released at the time, until it appeared on their [great] studio reunion album, Bandwith. Lots of energy, fun, and surprises on this one."

  • LabelNew House Music
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