Murder And Parliament - Murder And Parliament

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"What would it sound like if Nick Cave started writing songs with Genesis after watching too many episodes of Dr Who?
How many songs about replacing your body parts with mechanical alternatives is too many?
Does the world need a steampunk/scifi inspired prog rock act?
Tom Slatter set out to answer none of these questions, but accidentally did."

"Nearly ten years in the making, this instrumental album from Tom Slatter consists of eight pieces of music originally written for very different instrumental combinations –including string quartet and solo harp – rearranged for rock instrumentation.
Largely performed by Tom himself with Alun Vaughan adding his talents on bass guitar, and Chrissie Caulfield on violin. Tom has realized his vision of layered, complex but tuneful sounds, fitting neatly into the instrumental zone also occupied by the likes of The Fierce And The Dead, The Brackish and The Bob Lazar Story.
FFO: King Crimson, Gentle Giant, The Fierce And The Dead, avant-garde instrumental."
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