Musique Noise - Dans le Temps Qui S'Etire

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Musique Noise are a zeuhl band who came together in the mid 80s (not a great time to be doing this sort of thing) and managed to squeeze out one album in 1988, before slowly collapsing and dissolving by the early/mid 90s.
Over 20 years later the band return as a quintet of guitar, keyboards/vocals, keyboards/guitar synth, bass and drums.
While this is definitely zeuhl music and also definitely influenced by Magma, in some ways and at some times, it's less heavy than some zeuhl groups and has more of the 'celestial' sound than some (for those that don't know, 'zeuhl' means 'celestial in 'Kobaian').
This is a pretty good bet for fans of the genre.
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