Muskox - 5 Pieces

You don't know anything about this (I can say that with real certainty, because I didn't either), but a lot of you will want this, if only because you bought and were slayed by the newer release by Muskox, "Invocation/Transformations".
Muskox are a Canadian instrumental quintet and this is their fourth release. It sez here, "5 Pieces is the first full-length release from Toronto's progressive acoustic jazz ensemble Muskox, who continue to develop the sound established on their previous three EPs. 5 Pieces finds Muskox further exploring Mike Smith's densely crafted pieces, with subtly shifting meters and deftly realized minimalist textures that seem curiously at odds with the woody acoustic sound of the group's unique instrumentation. Droning harmoniums give way to delicately mathematical banjo-driven chamber music and minimalist calypso reductions, all the while led by compelling themes that provide each piece with its own inner logic." What gives this its very distinctive sound is that Mike plays banjo - he doesn't employ it in a country music way - he uses its distinctive percussive attack as a sort of unique guitar sound. This is a more acoustic than the new one and less 'progressive rock/Canterbury rock', as well, but it's still a fine disc that will definitely appeal to many folks reading here. Appearing are Ali Berkok: electric piano, harmonium, Jamie Drake: vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, cajon, riq, bendir, maracas, triangle, Pete Johnston: double bass, Mark Laver: alto saxophone, Erika Nielsen: cello, Mike Smith: banjo, harmonium, lead guitar.
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