Mutantes - Everything is Possible: The Best of Os Mutantes (special)

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This is a fantastic price on a great set of what really is the best of the groups early, best known material from when they were pioneers of a cross between psychedelia and Tropicalia (a genre they helped to invent). This 1999 compilation, which is what introduced them to the world outside of Brazil, was made from the original master tapes and overseen by David Byrne includes a huge booklet, placing the band in context with their time. This concentrates on their first three albums from 1968-1970. If you enjoy psychedelic music of the 60s, this has a very unique take on it and comes highly recommended.

"Though rarely heard outside their Brazilian homeland (especially during the first phase of their career), Os Mutantes were one of the most dynamic, talented, radical bands of the psychedelic era -- quite an accomplishment during a period in which most rock bands spent quality time exploring the outer limits of pop music. A trio of brash musical experimentalists, the group fiddled with distortion, feedback, musique concrète, and studio tricks of all kinds to create a lighthearted, playful version of extreme Brazilian pop... By the end of 1968, Os Mutantes delivered their self-titled debut, a raucous, entertaining mess of a record featuring long passages of environmental sounds, tape music, and tortured guitar lines no self-respecting engineer would've allowed in the mix (especially at such a high volume). After time spent backing Veloso and recording a second LP of similarly crazed psychedelic pop, the band ventured to France and Europe for a few music conference shows. Upon returning to Brazil, they set up their own multimedia extravaganza -- complete with film, actors, dancing, and audience participation. Despite distractions of all kinds, the group also managed to record LPs in 1970 (Divina Comedia Ou Ando Meio Desligado) and 1971 (Jardim Eletrico), both of which charted the band's shifting interests from psychedelic to blues and hard rock."-John Bush/All Music Guide

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