My Brother The Wind - Once There Was a Time When Time and Space Were One

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This is the 3rd studio album and the best one yet from this magnificent modern psychedelic band, featuring two great guitarists, Nicklas Barker (of Anekdoten and Morte Macabre) and Mathias Danielsson (of Makajodama and Gösta Berlings Saga, as well as the brilliant, never-heard ensemble led by Michael Maksymenko, The Reference Group).

In addition to these two monster string-slingers, the group also includes an excellent rhythm section of Ronny Eriksson on bass and Daniel Friedlund Brandt on drums.

This is the real thing - space/desert jams that sound just as inspired as a great lost Agitation Free album; if that description made you pay attention, please read my lips: You NEED this one!

  • LabelFree Electric Sound / Laser's Edge
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