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Really good first release by a new psychedelic/progressive band. At it's best, this has a lot of bits with flute, keyboards and guitars reminiscent of early, good Jethro Tull, circa "Stand Up", but with a contemporary flavor as well. I completely enjoyed this one. Recommended.

"Mylla came into fruition at the now-legendary illicit club/speakeasy BZ in a Stockholm cellar, and this is their debut album, Vanya. Mylla means "mold/earth" in Swedish, and they are the ultimate psychedelic party band for the loosely-knit family of musicians centered around the Subliminal Sounds label (like Dungen, The Works, Life On Earth! and S.T. Mikael and many other Swedish psychsters). This album was recorded in a limestone cottage on a secluded island far out in the Baltic Sea, known by sailors for centuries as the "White Hawaii." Faroe Island has been closed to all foreigners up until a few years ago, as it contains several top-secret army bases. The music is steeped in the Swedish '70s prog tradition, and the creation of this album was as much a dance-party as a recording session. This is a feeling that permeates the whole record and it is this feeling that is Mylla. Like Dungen, the band sings in Swedish but unlike Dungen, the Mylla experience might only be for the natives, but at least it's no longer forbidden for anyone to try it out. Gustav Ejstes from Dungen turns up as a guest with his fiddle, as well as the word artist, Lasse Fabel. Think summertime warmth, beer jams, sweaty dancefloors."

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