Mythos - Quasar (expanded / remastered)

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"Quasar was recorded in 1980, a completely harmonious blend of groove, analog synthie work and Krautrock. Similar to the former combatants Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze, Kaske had found his way. A successful way until today. "Quasar" appeared on the legendary Hamburg label Sky Records by Günter Körber, that fit! On this first release on CD, a bonus track is included, containing excerpts from the soundtracks of Stephan Kaske and was edited into a collage. A listening pleasure!"

"...definitely a creative effort, with quirky electronics and fast paced mechanical (and some real) drums. Stefan Kaske still sings in his ridiculous out of tune low voice, but is sporadic and fortunately buried in the mix. Some really great synthesizer work here, plus it's nice to see Kaske not abandon the flute, and he puts the instrument through many effects to achieve a cool sound. Innovative effort, unlike any other album really. Like a New Wave / Berlin School / Krautrock album. I personally think it's their best album after Dreamlab."-Tom Hayes
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