NAD - Dangereux Xorcisms (Mega Blowout Sale)

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NAD is Neu Abdominaux Dangereux, a project co-led by guitarist / strategist Roberto Zorzi (LA 1919) and 'soundmaster' Nicola C. Salerno. It has an amazing cast of players here:
Scott Amendola - drums & electronics
Giovanni Albertini - guitar
Pino Dieni-daxophone & guitar
Henry Kaiser - guitars
Michael Manring - bass
Enrico Merlin - guitar & banjo
Mauro Ottolini - trombone & sousaphone
Marco Pasetto - clarinets & alto sax
ROVA Sax Quartet - sax quartet
Gavey Salerno - bass

The band is sharp and also filled with humor, putting together and tearing apart the walls of serious music, commercial music (TV themes) and fun. Conditionally highly recommended!

"The album is based on some originals and some covers (from Ornette Coleman, early Pink Floyd, Italian TV programs soundtracks of the 60s...) and features guests as Henry Kaiser, Rova Sax. 4tet, Scott Amendola, the great italian trombonist Mauro Ottolini a.o. Our first album called "Ghosts" was released in 1988 and it has been listed by Italian musicologist Enrico Merlin in his book "1900-2000, 1000 records of the century" as one of most interesting and innovative album in 1988."-Roberto Zorzi

"Avant-garde lounge jazz? Post-punk country and western spirituals? Baroque found sounds? All this and more is to be found on this odd disc by ... Niu Abdominaux Dangereux, a brainchild of guitarist Roberto Zorzi. They veer between occasional bouts of seriousness and, more often, tongue in cheek plays on various forms... Post-mod, wacky, irreverent, what-have-you. What the music may lack in ultimate substance, it makes up in pure fun and silliness. Recommend for those in need of an avant party disc and for fun lovers in general."-Brian Olewnick/All Music Guide
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