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"Na Margon is a Bauta label release, written by Ronnie Ehrs with the intention "to capture the uttermost evil and the uttermost good put to music". Ehrs says, "I do not know if I did succeed, however I would like to think that certain parts of the music really does." This album also features Lach'n Jonsson, whom Ehrs has known for over 20 years, though this is their first recording together. For what it's worth, I don't find this music to be the "uttermost" of either good or evil. It's actually sort of a dark ambient music, heavy on guitar and equally heavy on repetition. The first cut, "Death's Angel" features an almost Philip Glass-like organ pattern with a guitar pattern that interlocks with it, and also sax solos that could be from PG. Over the top of this is Maria Wassrin's almost masculine-sounding vocals proclaiming herself to be Death's Angel, while the drums play an intricate and uncountable rhythm pattern. It is spacey, hypnotic and thoroughly enjoyable. Not a tough listen by any means (at least to my ears), though perhaps mildly disturbing. The second cut "If" asks the musical question "If I had all ten fingers glued to certain keys on my keyboard, could I play something that sounds interesting?" The answer appears to be "yes" as Wassrin's crooning, wordless vocals (for this song, not the slightest bit masculine) float over the top of a complex, static organ chord with very little movement. Interspersed throughout are languid guitar solos, bass punctuations and splashing noises. The final cut, "Death's Angel (Subconscious Version)" is basically the first cut played backwards with no drums or vocals. This makes it even spacier. Great stuff ... find a copy if you can."-Fred Trafton/Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
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