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"It was in August of 1972 that three excellent Mexican musicians from the band Peace and Love came together to form Nahuatl. From the beginning, their new music was characterized by a strong nationalist slant that is reflected in their name and the lyrics. The band’s style bridged the gap from psychedelic 60's rock to the heavy acid rock of the early 70's; the result: fine acid rock with elements of Cream, Sabbath, Hendrix and early Uriah Heep as well as their own distinctive touches. On both of their albums (from 1974 and 1975, respectively) Nahuatl prove themselves to be true masters of psychedelic hard rock. The first album from this killer hard psychedelic trio (“Vol. 1”) has loud fuzz leads galore, wild vocals and great guitar; Spanish and English lyrics; master-tape reissue comes with one bonus track."
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