Nakatani, Tatsuya/Shane Perlowin - Anatomy Of A Moment

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Hey, this is a great one by a really talented pair of musicians and it is also mostly a quiet one, which you might not be expecting.

Tatsuya is a drummer/percussionist who I saw perform one of the most masterful solo performances on ANY instrument I have EVER seen; he totally blew my mind. And then four months later, I saw him again, backing up the goofily wonderful Eugene Chadbourne and showing a totally different side of his art.

And, of course, Shane is the great guitarist and composer for Ahleuchatistas. Here he gets to show off his really excellent acoustic guitar skills.

This is hugely recommended.

"Shane Perlowin is the guitar player from the wonderful and scrupulous Asheville instro-rock band Ahleuchatistas. Based in Pennsylvania, percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani animates a world of chimes, gongs, bells and snares, constructing widescreen and incredibly detailed soundscapes with his drum kit. Their debut duo record, Anatomy of a Moment, is a study in finesse and attentiveness, with two masterful players sidestepping egos to listen instead for relationships."—Grayson Haver Currin/IndyWeek
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