Napoli Mandolinorchestra - Serenata Luntana

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The rediscovery of the best in Neapolitan music by the highly talented artists Antonello Paliotti, Mauro Squillante and Leonardo Massa continues,after their widely acclaimed previous album Tarantella Storta. Serenata Luntana does more than confirm its promise and will undoubtedly delight fans of Mediterranean music. Together with a number of other excellent musicians Paliotti, Squillante, Massa have deliberately chosen a repertoire, most of which is not merely nationally but internationally famous, to show how much musicality and originality can still be mined from pieces like Funicul funicul, 'O sole mio, Torna a Surriento or Marechiare given the right approach, one which aims to bring to light their deepest and most hidden essence. [Felmay]
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