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"Natural Food was formed by Mait Edey in 1972 with an assortment of Boston-based musicans. Mait is also responsible for starting the Seeds label (which Natural Food came out on) as a sort of musicians collective in the Boston area. Thanks to Mait we also have the amazing recording by Birigwa and Jeanne Lee's "Conspiracy" (soon to be released on Porter Records). This is a funky, soulful and bluesy jazz record. A unique recording that defies any easy categorization. Great grooves, soulful singing on three tracks (Siren Song, Gin House Blues and See See Rider) by Latifah (Brenda James) and lots of electric piano are liberally spread around on this recording, plus a wide range of great guitar styles from the likes of Lance Gunderson, Paul Lenart and John Abercrombie. Originally a private pressing released in 1972 this is the first time its been issued on CD."

Mait Edey - piano and wurlitzer
Craig Herndon - drums
Lance Gunderson - guitar
Charlie LaChapelle - bass
Latifah (Brenda James) - vocals
Paul Lenart - guitar
Phil Morrison - bass
Billy Thompson - saxophone
Bill Hurd - saxophone
John Abercrombie - guitar
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