Needlepoint - Aimless Mary

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This is the third album by this very excellent, very interesting, songs-with-vocals format, electric jazz/rock band, which means they come out somewhere between Caravan or Wigwam in the song department and Tony Williams Lifetime/Mahavishnu Orchestra/Elephant9 in the jazz/rock department!

The bassist is from Elephant9 and the drummer is from the Rune Grammofon bands Humcrush and Food.

I thought that this was basically really different by bringing two different sounds together in a really pleasing way!
Bjørn Kakegg-electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
David Wallumrød-organ, clavinet, Prophet 5, backing vocals
Nikoai Haengsle Eilertsen-bass, additional guitars, backing vocals
Thomas Strønen-drums

Highly recommended!

"Many of our customers got a shock when Needlepoint s new album Aimless Mary rolled over our facility. It is a long time since we received a disc with such a universal appeal for our customers. This album is simply totally insane and there are crazily positive rumors about the release concert band did at Cafe Mono in connection with the release.

Needlepoint is the band of jazz guitarist Bjørn Klakegg , Nikolai Eilertsen, Olaf Olsen and David Wallumrød . Together they have created a disc parking all retro-prog slices we've heard the last couple of years. Raw 70s production, gorgeous dreamy tunes, sparkling guitar, cascading Hammond organ, this album is simply a must for fans of bands like Gentle Giant , Caravan, Dungen, Moving Gelatine Plates"-Dramen Tidende

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