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This is the fourth album by this very excellent, very interesting, songs-with-vocals format, electric jazz/rock band, which means they come out somewhere between Caravan or Wigwam in the song department and Tony Williams Lifetime/Mahavishnu Orchestra/Elephant9 in the jazz/rock department! Interestingly enought, the bassist is from Elephant9.
By now, they've moved beyond doing something different in bringing these two strands of styles (songs + electic jazz) together, to have a strong and distinctive sound of their own that can only be Needlepoint. This is one of the most happening Norwegian rock bands today. Highly recommended.
Bjørn Kakegg-vocals, guitars
David Wallumrød-Hammond organ, clavinet, Rhodes, Juno-60, Prophet-5, Arp Pro Soloist, backing vocals
Nikoai Haengsle Eilertsen-bass, additional guitars, backing vocals
Olaf Olsen-percussion, backing vocals.
Highly recommended!

"All sorts of connotations are passing our ear, when it comes to influences and comparisons. Robert Wyatt, the old Pink Floyd (Syd Barret-aera), Matching Mole, Gentle Giant, Camel, Caravan...
Especiallythe two first mentioned linger in the compariso nmachine. With Needlepoint’s fourth album, which succeeds ”Outside the Screen”, a brilliant masterpiece has been created. It is so reminiscent of the 1970s it totally knocked me off my feet. It combines a dreamy kind of jazz-rock and a pop-like ”renaissance-rock”. Guitarist Bjoern Klagegg, who wrote all tracks, has worked himself to the bone and the result is impressive.
”The Diary of Robert Reverie” is light on it’s feet, playful, and filled with enthusiasm, and all this in an old-school manner. We have Olaf Olsen on percussion and David Wallumrod on keyboards. Bass player Nikolai Haengsle (also responsible for production) turns every bass line into a melody reminiscent of Soft Machine."-rockaffairs

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