Nektar - Journey To The Centre Of The Eye (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs + 5.1 hi-res SACD

The first release by this English group who spent their most popular and productive years in Germany, and are usually thought of as a German band.
In 1971, the band landed a contract with German Bellaphon and recorded their first album, which was a spacey concept work. This is by far their most psychedelic album, with incrediblely trippy keyboards and guitar; while they don't sound 'like' 1969 era Pink Floyd, that's a pretty good comparison, and psych/prog and 1968-1971 era Floyd fans will eat this one up. An excellent spacerock debut!
This triple disc release restores to print the great, hi-res, 5.1 SACD version of Nektar’s great debut album, as well as the original, stereo mix and a live 1971 bootleg recording of the entire album performed live. This is a great one.
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