Neural Code - Neural Code

Hot, flashy, metallic and actually fairly amazing punky jazz/rock fusion. Fusion somehow devolved into something resembling elevator music in the late 1970s, but that does not happen here. Seriously, this was better than I expected it to me: for fans of Morglbl and the more technically complex/fast power trio soundz.

"Neural Code is the new Brazilian super trio formed by Cuca Teixeira on drums (ex-Mr. Motaba), Kiko Loureiro on guitar and Thiago Espirito Santo on bass. Their music is a mixture between rock, jazz and fusion with mathematical progressions and Brazilian rhythms. The musical c.v. of these guys is unbelivable: Kiko Louleiro spend 17 years as the guitarrist of world aclaimed metal band Angra; Cuca Teixeira, a jazz drummer, had worked with Joe Lovano, Michel Brecker and George Benson as well as a series of brazilian muicians as Paula Lima, Maria Rita and Marina Lima; whereas Thiago Espirito Santo has played with Hamilton de Holanda, YamandĂș Costa, Toninho Horta and Hermeto Pascoal. This is their 1st CD and they were able to mix their experince and make an unique CD that is at the same time, furious, passionate, mathematic, musical and Brazilian."

You can hear their music here

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