New York Art Quartet - New York Art Quartet

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A great price on the new, remastered, Dutch pressings of this classic work by one of the great ESP bands. This particular band consisted of Roswell Rudd-trombone, John Tchicai-alto sax, Lewis Worell-bass and Milford Graves-drums on 3 of the 4 tracks (30') with poet Leroi Jones reciting his work "Black Dada Nihilismus" on one track. I've never been a big fan of that particular track, although ymmv, but the rest of this album is about as great as mid 60's free jazz can be, imo. Highly recommended, even if just for the three pieces.

"Their unanimity is striking; once beyond the initial theme, each composition is based upon spontaneity and instrumental equality. Textures change constantly, from four-part polyphony to unacommpanied solos and all combinations in between... free music of drama and finely wrought proportion."-The Gramophone Good CD Guide
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