Niggli, Lucas/Zoom - Spawn Of Speed

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Nils Wogram, Trombone / Philipp Schaufelberger, Guitar / Lucas Niggli, Drums

"The Swiss drummer Lucas Niggli, who¹s not incorrectly compared with the New York drummer Joey Baron, has intensively tasted stylistic limitlessness: as pulsing drummer in jazz combos, as interpreter of contemporary compositions, on the side of Pierre Favre, Sylvie Courvoisier, Fred Frith, or in the Avant Hardcore-Trio «Steamboat Switzerland.» For two years, Lucas Niggli has led his own trio. The trombonist Nils Wogram and the guitarist Philipp Schaufelberger create, along with Niggli¹s percussive arsenal ­ his bass mallets, drums, gongs and cymbals, among other ­ a colourful group sound. The original compositions with quick changes, rock-like and swinging rhythms ensure contrast, drive and tension. With technical brilliance, with power and the joy of playing, the three soloists lead us into the adventurous world of current music."
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Brilliant use of space and texture throughout. Lots of fine detail and writing on par w/ Zappa's Waka Jawaka period. It's all instrumental, but it's clear that all three players have a twisted sense of humor. An atmospheric weirdness pervades and demonstrates that music can be a powerful drug. Would love to see some sections used as a cartoon soundtrack.
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