Noetra - ...Resurgences D'Errances

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For me, Noetra are one of the all-time greatest groups who never had a record released during their actual lifetime (a sad distinction, but a distinction nonetheless). This is the fourth (and I am told the final) release from this ensemble. Noetra were a terrific chamber/progressive band with serious ECM overtones (they were courted by ECM in the late 70s, but, ultimately, ECM decided not to work with the group, even though they would have been a perfect fit). The group existed from about 1978-1983, in various line-up sizes. The sound here is very good bootleg sound from the board; it has some hiss, but is utterly listenable. The music will appeal to anyone who loves groups like Julverne, Miriodor and ECM (circa late 70s/early 80s prime) were releasing. Don't start with this one; sonically it is the worst and they are all so good, that you should start with any of their two studio releases, but if you already know them, you know you'll have to have this one, right?

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