Nooumena - Argument with Eagerness

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"Nooumena is a group of talented musicians that hail from Caen, France. They play a very eclectic style of avant prog rock. They expertly blend many styles from the great prog and experimental bands both past and present, while adding their own mark as well. Thought provoking music that will appeal to fans of the great classic prog bands of the 70’s (King Crimson, Magma, Henry Cow) as well as modern acts as Kayo Dot, Mr. Bungle, Time of Orchids. The package is a beautiful full color digipack complete with 12 page booklet featuring lyrics and credits, as well as individual art pieces for each song."

"The modern sound but with many a nod to influences from the 60s and 70s, most notably King Crimson, is lush and wholly warming."-Drop D
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