Normal Love - Survival Tricks

This severe, dense and even alluring second and final release from this band is long out of print, but we found a few and here they are for the last-ever time!

"NORMAL LOVE creates bracingly intense modern music of shrewd density and unique imagination orchestrated for processed voices, guitars, violin, drums and various electronics.
Everything about the band displays a cultivated air of alien logic, from their densely detailed sonic conception to their surreal, blacklit live presentation.
“SURVIVAL TRICKS” is their second full-length release, a culmination of years of work and progression following their self-titled debut released in 2007 on High Two Records.
Their sound evokes an epicurean fusion of influences as varied as Modern Classical, “Rock In Opposition” prog, Extreme Metal, Noise, Improvised Music and No Wave. There is little use in pigeonholing Normal Love: their sound will appeal to all those seeking the true cutting edge of contemporary experimental rock music.
The group formed in 2005 and its members currently reside in New York City and Philadelphia. Members of the band have worked with Satanized, Zs, Anthony Braxton and many more."

“Normal Love don’t simply fuse noise, skronk, live electronics, fire-breathing and new music for the sake of genre-killing or academic posturing, but aim to build majestic, well fortified sound-castles for the post-nihilist movement of emerging experimentalists to dwell.”-Philadelphia Weekly
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