Norudde, Anders - Himself CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“To call Anders Norudde a multi-instrumentalist is hardly an exaggeration. By count there are at least eight different types of instruments on this album, with variations within each instrument. But on his first solo disc, the man from Hedningarna revels in playing traditional music, as well as his own versions of the older forms. Fiddle and various bagpipe styles dominate, but on tracks like "Lomjans" he also shows himself remarkably adept on the moraharpa, the ancestor of the keyed nyckelharpa.
Working completely solo might have its limitations, but with overdubbing he can create some lovely interplay between instruments, as on the pipe and guitar duet "Svårlåten." By the nature of the tradition, many of the tunes are dance music, be it polska or halling, played with delicacy but also a raw verve. One of the most interesting is "Bredal," a sprightly polska where pipes and bouzouki combine. Throughout, there's no attempt to sweeten the sound -- this is very real folk music, played by someone who loves it but has no wish to consign it to a museum. And in doing it his way, he renews the tradition for another generation.“-AllMusic

“Anders Norudde creates an exciting musical journey into the heart of Swedish folk revival music. On this solo album he plays any combination of the following instruments: low-tuned fiddle, Swedish bagpipes, various flutes (inexpensive tourist type bamboo flute among them), the hurdy gurdy, and morharpa (a three-stringed keyed fiddle, made after an original one which survived from 1526). He also has one guest musician: Goran "Freddy" Frederiksson who plays guitar and bouzouki. Anyone who loves Irish, Scottish, and Celtic traditional music and its more modern revived stylizations and anyone who loves American traditional music, including bluegrass would find this music appealing.
The unusual combination of rhythms, melodies, and traditional instruments creates cheerful and joyous tunes that become hypnotizing and trance producing. Some of the music is haunting and contemplative. There are warm melodies with beautiful trills and original musical phrases. It is hard not to start tapping ones feet, swaying to the music, and getting up and creating dance steps across the floor. The music has exhilarating rhythms and very pleasing combinations of notes."-Erika Borsos
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