Nucleus - Live UK Tour '76 - 2 x CDs

Documenting in excellent live sound an under-appreciated (by me as well as everyone else) period of Nucleus' existence, this was recorded at Loughborough University on February 18, 1976 and showcases a version of the band that had been in existence for over a year and which had released two albums (Snakehips Etcetera and Alleycat). This has very vibrant (and positively groovin') versions of tracks from those albums as well as from Under The Sun, all of which are given greater length to allow the players to stretch out and in some cases with significantly different arrangements to the records. While the musicians in the band on this album aren't famous like some of the earlier members, all of them (Ian Carr-trumpet, flugel horn and synthesizer, Bob Bertles-alto, baritone & soprano sax, flute, Geoff Castle-keyboards, Ken Shaw-guitar, Roger Sutton-bass and Roger Sellers-drums) play very well. I think I should mention that not only is the sound really good, but it's very 'real' sounding; when I took this home and stuck it on my rig, when I shut my eyes and listened, it really sounded like the band were set up in front of you! Like I said, I wasn't expecting that much from this, but this one very pleasantly surprised me!
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