Objets Trouves - Fragile

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Gabriela Friedli: Piano / Co Streiff: Alt & Soprano Saxophone / Jan Schlegel: E-Bass / Dieter Ulrich: Drums

"Gabriela Friedli, Co Streiff, Jan Schlegel and Dieter Ulrich have created a work of astonishing freshness and beauty,» writes the New York jazz musician Tom Varner in the liner notes to this CD. He characterizes the music as a ‘spontaneous suite’ from the groupthat names itself ‘objets trouvés’. «objets trouvés is a quartet that plays compositions or themes or fragments of themes written by Gabriela Friedli, interspersed with improvisations. Or, one could say, improvisations interspersed with Friedli’s compositions.» Four of the most willful musicians from Zurich have teamed together to form objets trouvés. They are personalities who have made a name for themselves internationally from their numerous projects. Or, as Tom Varner writes, «As we say in the US, they’re ‘grown-ups,’ they ‘get it’.»"
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