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Happy the Man is dead; long live Happy the Man! Well, sorta. After Happy the Man ceased operations about 2 years ago, two of the main protagonists, Frank Wyatt (keyboards and sax) and Stan Whitaker (guitar and vocals) wanted to continue in a similar style to Happy the Man. They recruited keyboardist Bill Plummer, bassist Dave DeMarco and drummer Chris Mack and they've come up with a new band that has a lot in common with HTM, while putting a new spin on it as well. I would not have thought that 'lead synth players in the vein of Kit Watkins' were so abundant, and maybe they aren't, but first with David Rosenthal and now with Bill Plummer, Frank and Stan have managed to find two different guys who capture 'that sound', which is very important to their music. A clear winner for Happy the Man fans and fans of superior symphonic rock and beyond.

You can hear their music here
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If you like Happy the Man you have to get this. The magic continues!!!
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