October Equus - Noches Blancas, Luces Rojas CD

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John Falcone - bassoon
Víctor Rodríguez - keyboards
Avelino Saavedra - drums
Ángel Ontalva - guitar, bass

“This album includes one long composition written by me and five shorter compositions written by Víctor Rodríguez.
My long suite was going to be the centerpiece of our second album but it was unreleased then to make way for the compositions that integrated Charybdis. I had been toying with the idea of recording the material that we eventually referred to as "the lost album" for years, and finally I felt that it was the right time to take up the project again, so I reviewed the music and here it is.
Those who know the trajectory of the group will recognize in some passages something of the style of our first album, and it is intuited what the sound of the group could have been had it continued along that path.
Victor's songs are very recent, he has written them in the last two or three months and they show the maturity of his compositional style. All in all, it is for my taste his best material in our entire career and I am proud to be able to present it on this album.”-Angel Ontalva
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