Octopus - The Boat of Thoughts

First-time ever on CD for this Germany symphonic rock band. This was the first (and by far their best) of their four albums that came out between 1977-1981 and was originally released on Sky, from whom this was licensed.

"This German band offered an outstanding debut album in many points of view ! The music takes influences from ealy 70's psychdelic epic and symphonic rock pieces, in the vein of the first albums from Eloy and Amon Düül II (in a lighter and more colored way), with many evolutions inside the tracks. Furthermore, Jennifer Hensel's voice sounds a bit like a mixture of Janis Joplin and Klaus Meine of the Scorpions, and is very enchanting. The record opens with the beautiful floating The First Flight Of The Owl; the listener is directly projected in the sky. Then the melody turns to a more melancholic, but nonetheless superb, musical theme sung by Jennifer, to become an energic rocky tune. Many changes in only 5 minutes ! Kill Your Murderer also fulfils expectations, with its psychedelic overture, its medieval-like melody and its synthetizer sounds ! The next song, If You Ask Me reminds me a lot of Eloy's later epic moments, with variaions in it. The band turns more symphonic with The Delayable Rise Of Glib, a short piece which could have escaped from Selling England by the Pound. Space rock and psychedelism come back in We're Losing Touch, whose accelerations and synthetic experiments will take you by the heart. The album ends with the longest track, the 10 minutes title song, containing many changes of rythms and musical directions. Boat of Thoughts is one of the best little known record of space rock from Germany. Octopus should appeal Eloy, Amon Düül, Camel, Grobschnitt and Krautrock lovers ! 4,5 stars !"-progarchives.com

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