Odin - SWF Session 1973

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The German/Dutch band Odin are best known for their one release on German Vertigo. This archival release is actually probably better than the album on Vertigo! Excellent quality radio tapes of 2 originals and 2 (17') of Frank Zappa covers!

"Odin records 4 titles, all of which are broadcast on the radio. Artistic production manager was Roland Schaeffer, who had worked as a producer for the SWF and has proven his musical abilities as a band member of Fashion Pink, Brainstorm and, since 1976, of Guru Guru.1973 is going to be a crucial year for Odin and will decide on the band’s future. Important factors are the album’s success and the number of live acts, since they guarantee survival. Phonogram England are also very interested in Odin's music and intend to take the band on a tour of England, which at that time is immensely important. The piece of news, communicated by Phonogram Hamburg, makes quite an impact. Jeff Beer is invited to England for discussions twice and negotiates both with Phonogram England’s executive managers and an additional management provided by Phonogram. During an appointment in London they visit the legendary Marquee-Club which had already been scheduled as a place of performance for the planned tour. It seems that a highly important step towards making the band known both locally and internationally is about to be taken. The unexpected interest on the part of England gives the band an enormous boost. However, just before the end of the negotiations in 1973 the energy crisis gets in the way. In view of the official ban on driving and a great deal of other difficulties that seem to appear from nowhere Phonogram England decide to put the tour on hold for the moment. Quite unexpectedly, Phonogram Hamburg react with equal reserve, in spite of the extensive negotiations the band had already conducted concerning their 2nd album, which they had been working on intensively – indeed a very heavy blow for the band.It is hard to say, even in retrospect, why a band of such high musical quality did not hit the big time after all. One reason might be the record company’s insufficient marketing strategies, or possibly the ignorance of the German audience, an audience that can easily be drawn into the showground to see any group boisterously announced, but that hardly gives those bands a chance that are little known! The fact that their gig in the factory in Hamburg only draws an audience of just one hundred people in spite of the LP’s appearing on a label (Vertigo/Phonogram) that was famous and influential in specialist circles shows the lack of resonance with an audience outside the regional clubs. The band’s growing disillusionment after so many negative experiences is not surprising. Soon enough financial ruin follows suit and Odin eventually split up in May 1974."
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