Oedipus - Oedipus

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Far from the stroboscopic effervescence of the golden eigthies, the British musician Alig (alias John Pearce), former instigator of a funny pop music mixed nv-dub combo called Family Fodder, comes back as Johnny Kash with a new muse : the superb Norwegian singer Anne-Marte Rygh for a completly timeless recording, more stamped with mythological images than with Freudian theories. Oedipus enrolls its silk carpet for us, which is tranformed into a flying carpet for a weightlnessness journey across an oriental garden. Real zen and almost ritual music, this self- spell ceremony manages to make a blank in our minds. This kind of shamanic trip hop has the mystery and wisdom of an antique oracle. The percussions from North Africa and Persia meet the accordion and european folk music : polka, tango, fado, even country western music. Anne-Marthe / Alig duets minimal trance starts from the inmost and connects to the world beat in order to rediscover the sensuousness and flightiness of the first loves. Hypnotically out-of-complexes.
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